Luxury for pet homes from 2022

We are Muotitassu

Muotitassu is a Finnish online store that offers stylish,
high-quality and responsibly produced design equipment for dogs. We love the stylish design
and genuine materials and that's why we prefer craftsmanship and individuality in the production methods of our products.

Established 2022

Muotitassun was founded in 2022 by Ari and Katja, and later joined the team
joined Kebu. We value everyday luxury: beauty, durability and
responsible choices. We have chosen our partners carefully,
because we want our values ​​to be transmitted uncompromisingly to our customers
from order to delivery.


We are a reliable, responsible and customer-oriented brand,
whose products delight every dog ​​owner for whom beautiful
home and a healthy pet are matters of the heart.